8 new ways to wear a belt

Think outside of the loop! Belts are an important addition to any outfit, and there are tons of different ways to wear them. We’re always looking for fun, unique ways to wear our belts that help flatter our figure and keep our outfits looking chic. Consider this your guide to more interesting, fab belt knots that anyone can copy:

The Single Loop: Take the end of your belt and bring it under, over and through. Shop this belt here.

2 belts are better than one! Stack ‘em up on top of each other.
Shop these belts here.

Double Knot it! We simply tied two knots on top of one another and tucked the ends of each belt around our waist. Shop our belts here.

Loop it! Wrap the end of the belt around twice, and let the end of the belt hang down. Want less of the belt to hang down? Wrap it around a few more times!

Love the look of a bow belt? Take the end of the belt and bring it up, over and through the belt loop again. Shop this belt here.

Hide the end of the belt in a snap! Bring the end up, under and end by the belt loop. Shop this belt here.

Flatter your figure with a thicker belt. Perfect with dresses, flowy shirts and more. Shop this belt here.

Twist two skinny belts together for a fun and unique look. Shop these belts here.

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know below!

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