8 (New!) Ways to Wear a Scarf

Love scarves, but running out of ideas on how to wear them? Scarves can take an outfit from drab to fab pretty quickly, so it’s great to have a few different scarf styles under your belt! Read on to find some new (and easy!) ways to wear your fave scarf.

1 – Center kont. Simply tie a knot at the bottom of your eternity scarf!

2- Knotted. Tie three knots in the center portion of your scarf, and wear it like a necklace!

3 –  Loop. Fold your scarf in half, then take the end of the scarf and feed it through the loop.

4 – Simple. Using an eternity scarf, drape the scarf once over your neck. This is a great layering piece!

5- Corkscrew. Place the middle of your scarf at the back of your neck. Using both ends of the scarf, start loosely wrapping the ends around the loop around your neck.

6 – Draped. Lay the middle of your scarf over one shoulder. Bring one end around the back of your neck, and one to the front.

7 – Twisted. Wrap the ends of the scarf over and over again until it creates this twisted look. Pull out portions of the scarf for a fuller look.

8 – The eternity. This style is super simple! Simply wrap your eternity scarf twice around your neck. Don’t have an eternity scarf? Tie the two ends of your scarf together to fake it.



How do you wear your scarves?

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