8 ways to wear your scarf

Getting tired of wearing your scarf the same way day after day? Try these tips for some fresh ideas!

1. Fake a vest! Wrap a belt over your scarf to create a vest-like feel.

2. Accessorize! Add a flower pin (or two!) to spice up your scarf.

3. Two is better than one! Tie two scarves together; works best with one printed and one solid colored scarf.

4. Tie it in a bow! Take your scarf and wrap it around your shoulders, then tie a bow.

5. Fake an eternity scarf! Tie both ends of the scarf together, put it around your neck and wrap it around once more.

6. Side knot! Tie your scarf in a loose knot to one side, and let your scarf fall like a necklace.

7. Center knot! Tie a knot towards the bottom of your scarf.

8. Belt it! Wrap your scarf around your waist to create a belt.

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