Amazingly Easy Holiday DIY Projects!

Everyone loves decorating for the holidays, but sometimes it’s much more fun to make something then to buy it! From great gifts to cute little accents, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite holiday craft ideas that won’t take much time (or cash!) to replicate!

Easy and fun! Snow globe DIYs can be completed using an empty mason jar, fake snow and little trees. Grab a glue gun and secure the items to the jar lid. Throw in some snow, and you’ve got a new (and adorable!) decoration!


To create this ornament, grab some newspaper and modpodge (you can get this from your local craft store). Cut the paper into a bunch of little pieces, and glue them to the ornament. Let dry overnight!


We love this bow frame so much we might just keep it up all year round! Simply find an empty frame and grab some little bows. Secure the bows to the back of a think paper, like card stock, and insert into the frame!


These are just too cute! Add glitter to tiny animals, and turn them into necklaces or decorations!

Glue some scrabble letters together and add a ribbon to create a unique ornament! Source

Cute critters! Make these little snails and mushrooms by placing gumdrops on the front of a hard peppermint candy! 

Popsicle trees made with, you guessed it, popsicles! Purchase a cone shaped foam object from your craft store, and glue popsicles to it.

We liked this different take on Hanukkah decor!



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