Blogger Spotlight– Envision Pretty v. Champagne Lifestyle

It’s a fashion face-off! Envision Pretty and Champagne Lifestyle have taken our denim skirt and mirrored aviators and put their own stylish spin on their looks.  Champagne Lifestyle Blogger, Hannah, rocks her skirt with a peach tank, striped button down, and a ballet flat sandal. It’s a little bit sporty and a whole lot of cute! Envision Pretty Blogger, Danielle, goes for a graphic and feminine style in her take. She mixes a black-and-white striped tee, a bright floral scarf,  a denim jacket, and high heels with a gold, pointed toe! Which look are you loving more? We just can’t decide. Shop their style below, and then head to their blogs for more fashion fun:

Skirt  |  Sunglasses

1 3

EP 4 5

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