Blogger Spotlight – Lacy Rose, The LBD

A timeless LBD (little black dress!) is something every girl needs in her wardrobe rotation. Dressed up or down, these dresses have endless possibilities! Read on to see how fashion blogger Lacy Rose wears hers!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, let’s discuss those 3 most essentials words of your wardrobe, little black dress! Every girl needs one hanging in her closet. I’m pretty sure that has been the rule for this timeless piece, since well, the beginning of time! With that being said, I picked out this peplum dress with cut out sides. When I think of a classy black dress I automatically think of Audrey Hepburn, and this dress definitely did just that. Even though the sides are cut out of the dress, the peplum and the length of the dress keep it sophisticated, especially with a pair of tights. Since I have been obsessing over ballet flats, I paired my LBD with a pair of glitter ballet flats with bows. To add a pop of color to my look, I went with this cross body handbag with leopard print and spikes, in the color mint. Even though the bag sports spikes, it still keeps the look classy and delicate. I love that adding some hardware doesn’t have to toughen your look up. To finish my romantic look off, I of course had to add this large mesh bow bracelet.

DSC_0153-682x1024 DSC_00621-1024x682 DSC_0107-682x1024 DSC_0093-682x1024 DSC_0118-1024x682

DSC_0215-1024x682 DSC_0222-1024x682 DSC_0226-682x1024 DSC_0202-682x1024

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