Blogger Spotlight – Lynne Gabriel, “Berry Matchy”

Still a little weary about adding bold color to your wardrobe? Make it your fashion resolution to banish your color woes and try it out this year! Read on to see how blogger Lynne Gabriel incorporated a bright berry color into an everyday look below:

YAY! Another Deb Shops look from head to toe! This is a simple yet chic outfit that you can put together for less than $50, especially now that the jeans are ridiculously on sale, they are on clearance for $8! The whole ensemble was quite matchy with my fashion jewelries but I intended them to be that way.

Oh, my bangs are back! And no I didn’t cut them. For those of you who have missed the bangs story, click here. Yes, they are fake bangs *Wink* I figured it’s about time to use them again. I stayed away from it for a little while because they are sometimes hard to manage with the wind and all.

Anyway, hope you like this style and it inspired you to put together your own from Deb Shops!

RCP_0108 RCP_0106 RCP_0095 RCP_00921 RCP_00841 RCP_0085 RCP_0093 RCP_0112

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