Blogger Spotlight – Lynne Gabriel

Our fave blogger, Lynne Gabriel, is back with a new and fab post! Read on to see how she’s mixing and matching metallic sweaters and coated denim below.

Metallics and coatings are one of the hottest trends this fall. It’s a fun trend to watch and see how fashionistas all over the world style them. From coated jeans to metallic sweaters, they really do give that edgy rocker yet still feminine look.

Today’s look is from Deb’s Shops from head to toe, with the exception of the accessories. For budget fashionistas, Deb’s Shops is THE place to go. They have the cutest clothing items, shoes, and accessories! You can get the most out of your shopping money for about $100 or so. How fun! Don’t forget to check out my mesh glitter shoes. They’re hot! *Wink*

OUTFIT RECAP: (All c/o) Deb Shops Off-Shoulder Metallic Sweater | Deb Shops Coated Animal Print Jeans | Deb Shops Mesh Glitter Bootie |


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