Blogger Spotlight – Lynne Gabriel’s Holiday Picks

Fashion blogger Lynne Gabriel (read her blog here!) is back with a new pick for the upcoming holiday season- the peplum dress! Read on to see how she’s wearing this trendy dress throughout the holiday season:

Tadaaaaa! Here’s another post with overloaded pics! Hope you guys won’t get tired of my face, haha!

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I am such a girly girl! I love wearing dresses and like I have mentioned red is my current obsession. Thus, when I saw this red peplum dress from¬†Deb Shops, I just had to have it. Since there are a lot of parties and events during the holidays, I sure will definitely be able to wear it one of these days.

OUTFIT RECAP: (All c/o) Deb Shops Red Peplum Dress


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