Cinco de Mayo DIY Pinata!

Looking for a way to spice up your Cinco de Mayo soiree? We’ve got just the craft for you! Much easier than all that messy paper mache, this only involves a few items and takes about 20 minutes to complete!

1. Supplies: 2 paper cone cups (or more if you want to make a bunch!), ribbon, tissue paper, pom poms, hot glue gun and scissors. Feel free to add in anything else you want to make it your own!

2. To make the garland that wraps around the cone, take your tissue paper and make little cuts in it (as seen above). When you’ve cut enough to wrap around the entire cone, scrunch up the paper is make it curly!

3. Cut the tips off the cones. Tie the ribbon into a loop, knot it and place it through one of the holes (this way you can hang it up!). We added some ribbon at the bottom of the second cone for decoration.You can tape the ribbon to the insides of the cones if it doesn’t seem secure enough.

4. Put your candy in! Then, using your hot glue gun, glue the cups together. Add the garland and whatever else you want! We put some pom poms around to make it more festive. Let us know how you put yours together below!


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