Cupcake Nails

Looking for a sweet treat that looks good enough to eat? We’ve seen tons of cupcake manis all over the internet, so we figured we’d give it a shot! The result? A totally adorable mani that everyone will obsess over!

Start with a bright base coat (we chose a pinkish purple). Let dry completely. You can leave the other nails plain, or go for polka dots as we did!
Create these little dots by using a dotting tool (sticking a straight pin into an eraser, or a bobby pin) and dipping it into white polish.
To create the icing on the cupcake, use the same dotting tool to make this shape.

To mimic the look of a cupcake wrapper, use a striping brush or toothpick to create little lines on the bottom portion. Let dry.

Add a cherry and some sprinkles!

All finished! Add a top coat for extra protection, and try not to get hungry looking at this tasty mani.

 Need some polish? Check out our fave colors here.

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