DIY: bottle necklaces

We’re pretty obsessed with these little apothecary bottles. They are so cute and can hold just about anything that you are able to stuff in there! We decided to put our own spin on these necklaces by incorporating microbeads, feathers and a little message in a bottle. This is a great gift for your friends or for Mother’s Day (which is quickly approaching!). We love the idea of writing a personalized message to a loved one inside.

Supplies: Apothecary bottles with hooks (we ordered these from, they we’re about $10 for 4 little bottles), necklace chain, feathers, microbeads, paper with a personalized note on it. You can find most supplies at your local craft store.

Simply insert whatever you choose into the bottle. If you need help stuffing it in there, we found that a bobby pin is the perfect tool for the job! We alternated microbead colors (kind of like sand art, remember that?!) and used a small handmade paper funnel to make sure the beads landed in one place. What will you put in your little bottles?

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