DIY – Chic Clutch


Short on cash but crushing on intricately beaded clutches? Us too. With formal events like prom, weddings, balls, etc., a girl needs options! That’s why we’ve put together this simple and cheap DIY that you can literally complete with things you most likely already have! Grab that glue gun, and let’s go!


Glue gun, pliers, old (or new!) jewelry, a boxy clutch


Step 1: Using pliers (or even a strong pair of scissors), take apart the jewelry you’d like to attach to the clutch.

Step 2: Heat up your glue glue, then glue the pieces directly on your clutch.

Step 3: Peel away extra glue left behind.

Step 4: Enjoy your new clutch!

DIY Clutch

Option 1. This clutch features a single necklace.

Clutch DIY

Option 2: We used a floral necklace and placed small bunches of flowers in two corners of the clutch!


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