DIY Feather Nails

We love the look of feather nails. The only problem? This mani can be a little tricky if you don’t have the right practice down. Lucky for you, we’ve mastered the skill and are ready to share the steps with you below!

Supplies: Deb Shops nail polish (any color you wish, we chose a lighter shade), feathers (find these at your local craft store), scissors and top coat.

Paint your nails the base color of your choice. Let dry.

Paint another coat, then while the polish is still wet, place the end of the feather on the wet nail. Let dry.

Trim the excess feather off at the edge of your nail with small scissors.

Finish with a top coat. We found that it’s better to put a few layers of top coat on so those feathers stay put!

Finished! Enjoy your new mani!

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