DIY Floral Mani

Floral manis have been springing up all over, and aren’t just reserved for warmer weather! This cheery nail art can pair perfectly with a more subtle outfit, and can be completed using a variety of different color palettes (think deep oranges and browns if you’re looking to score a more fall-ish manicure). Ready? Let’s start:

Supplies: Nail striping brush (we got ours off of, dotting tool (a straight pin inserted into an eraser), deb shops nail polish, top coat.

Take your dotting tool, dip it into the color of your choice and create small little blobs of paint. These will be the base of your flowers.

Take your striping brush and carefully paint an inside circle of each flower a darker shade. Let dry.

Dot small black circles in the middle of each flower. Add leaves to each flower. Let dry, then complete with a top coat.

Finished! Have you tried this mani yet? Tag @debshops in your art on Instagram if you do! We love seeing your awesome manis.

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