DIY Galaxy Nails

Feelin’ a little spacey? Try the galaxy mani! We love how this nail art can look different each time you complete it. The best part? It’s actually really easy to achieve! Ready? Let’s go!
Supplies: Deb nail polish, makeup sponges, top coat

Paint your nails black. Let dry for at least 5 minutes before you head to the next step.

Add a small amount of blue nail polish to your makeup sponge, and apply to one area of your nail. Change up where you place the color polish to make your overall mani more intricate! Let dry for at least 2 minutes.

Add another layer of polish (we chose pink!) to a new sponge and apply it to another area of your nail. Let dry for at least 2 minutes.

Now comes the fun part: GLITTER! Add a layer of glitter on top of your design. Be careful to not put too much on. You don’t want to hide all that hard work from before!

Voila! Your mani is complete.

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