DIY: hair chalking

Hair chalking is the easiest way to incorporate color into you hair without actually dying it! We’ve pulled together all the info you need to add color (safely!) into your lovely locks.

Supplies: Soft pastels (you can find at a craft store), spray bottle filled with water (for brunettes ONLY!), hair brush

You’ve probably seen some DIY hair chalking instructions floating around Pinterest that mentions wetting your hair before chalking. Be aware that this only applies to brunettes! If you are a blonde (or have lighter tips), SKIP this step. It will stain your hair and it will take much longer to get the color out. If you have darker hair, wet the hair lightly, then chalk! This will help the color stay. Make sure to twist your hair as you chalk.

Add as many colors as you wish, and you’re all set! We especially love how this looks in a braid or a bun. Which colors will you mix together?

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