DIY Homecoming Nail Art

So you’ve got your dress, love creating your own unique nail art and have an endless supply of polish? Step right this way, because we’re giving you a few tips on how to score some seriously chic homecoming-worthy nail art!

Looking for just a little bit of shine? We matched this champagne colored gown with a pale pink base. Let the base dry for an hour, then apply glitter polish to a makeup sponge and dab on the top of the nail to create a glitter french manicure! Easy, glamorous and unique? We’re so there. Click to shop the polish, and the dress we matched it to.

Black and white dresses your thing? You can create this look to match the colors featured in your dress by painting your nails the base color of your choice, then using your dotting tool (read how to create that here) to create this cascading dot mani! Click to shop the nail polish, and the dress we matched it to.

This mani is a little more complex, but still easy to complete. We painted our nails a base color of pink, then let dry for about an hour. Afterwards, we used nail stripes to create the triangle portion of our nail, then filled it in with a purple nail pen! Click to shop the nail polish and dress.

If you have a white or beige dress, you can really go wild with the color of your mani. We chose a bright coral color, and used the same technique as we did with the first mani we showed you above! Click to shop the nail polish and dress.

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What would you like to see in our next edition of homecoming nail art? Let us know below!

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