DIY Locker chic

The first year you get a locker, it’s totally exciting. By then end of your senior year? Not so much. That’s why we put together our favorite fall trend (studs, duh!), a little bit of chalkboard paint and locker mirror to make a cool, edgy locker accessory that even the cool kids will covet. Ready? Let’s get started!

Stuff you’ll need: a locker mirror (make sure it has a magnet on the back!), studs (we purchased these from, and a paint brush.
1. Paint the sides and half of the mirror with chalkboard paint. Let dry for an hour, then paint another coat. Let dry an additional hour.
2. Stud it! Add some unique touches to your mirror. There’s no right or wrong way to go with this one, just have fun! We hot glued our studs to our mirror.


Once your mirror dries overnight, write on it with chalk! We envision writing books we need to take home, quiz reminders, etc.

Close up detail!

As always, if you try this DIY tag us (@debshops) on Instagram!

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