DIY Sock Bun

The sock bun is nothing new, but we’re still seeing this trend continue in 2013!  The finished look of a sock bun is simple, chic and polished. You can either wear it when you’re all dressed up (hello, prom!) or sport it on days when you’re running late and need a quick fix! The best part? All you need is a sock (seriously!). Read on to see how we completed this easy-peasy DIY.

Supplies: Sock (a higher sock works much better than an ankle sock), scissors

Step 1: If you’re blonde, choose a white sock. Brunettes choose brown or black! This way it will blend better.

Step 2: Cut off the toe area of the sock and roll fabric down into a doughnut, as seen below.


Step 3: Put in it your hair! Find an easy-to-follow sock bun tutorial here.

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