DIY Straw Stamp Nails

We love a mani that’s quick, and only uses a few items you can find around your house. We’ve used a straw to create splatter nails, but this time we’re using the straw as a stamp! How? Follow these steps to find out!

Supplies: Deb nail polish, plate, straw, top coat

Paint your nails a base color of white. Let dry for a half hour.

Step 1: Place a blob of polish on a plate.

Step 2: Dip your straw into the polish.

Apply the end of the nail polish coated straw to your nails. Place as much of that color as you wish on your nails, then duplicate this process with other colors! We found that cutting the straw after each different color application worked best.


Will you try this mani? If you do, tag @debshops in it on Instragram! Happy painting!

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