DIY Studded T-shirt

Bored with your same old t-shirt? Add some studs! Studding a t-shirt is the easiest way to upgrade your shirt from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. So grab some studs and read on to see how we completed this easy DIY!

Supplies needed:

Studs (you can find them at your local craft store!), t-shirt, nail polish (optional)


Step 1- Decide where you’d like to place your studs and insert the first on your shirt.


Step 2 – This is what the the stud should look like on the inside of your T-shirt.


Step 3- close the prongs together.


Step 4- first one is finished!


This is optional, but you can choose to paint your studs any color nail polish you’d like to give them a pop of color!


We painted the first stud on each side!

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