DIY: Stylish Sunnies

When we saw these amazing Dolce and Gabbana sunnies we were excited, then depressed because of the high price tag.

Enter the blog Chic Steals. They showed us how to get WAY more bang for our buck by recreating this look in a snap! All you need is a few items and you’ll have these chic sunnies in no time. Ready? Let’s do this:

Supplies: Small resin flowers (like these earrings from deb), deb sunnies, glue for plastics (found at your local craft store)

1. If you are using our flowers to adorn your sunnies, remove the earring backing before gluing them on to your glasses.

2. Spread the glue on the area you would like to place the flowers (stick to the corners, like the picture shows above), then apply the flowers directly to the glue.

3. Press down on the flowers to ensure that they stay put! Allow them to dry overnight.


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