DIY: Twisted Low Bun


Remember that super cute updo from The Daily Sugar’s post early this month? Check it out here– we’re still obsessing over this look. You loved her hairstyle so much that we just had to get the how-to! The best? It’s super easy for your morning madness and will shine from day-to-night.  Scroll for the simple steps, and then visit her blog for some clothing inspo to go along with your new ‘do:

  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Tie
  • Hair Spray
  1. First, take a large section of hair from one side of your head and gently twist it backwards.
  2. Bobby pin that section of your hair to secure the twist you created. You want all of your pieces to be secure against your head and not loose, hanging in front of your face.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 with a large section of hair from the other side of your head.
  4.  Gather your hair in a loose, low ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.
  5.  In the hair above the hair tie, create a part. Use your fingers to pull the hair apart and create a “hole”.
  6. Lift your low ponytail up, then take it down and pull it through the hole to create a twist in the sides of your hair. This will be the most confusing step. Don’t worry, you might have to try it a few times to get it just right!
  7. Once you pull your hair through the hole, you will have a nicely twisted low ponytail. Take the ponytail and tuck it up into twisted top that you created. Use bobby pins to secure the ends of your hair to your head and make sure that a low bun is created and your ends are hidden.
  8. Take little pieces out of the bun and fasten them around the bun to create a more twisted, messy look. This is your chance to make the bun look how you want it to. There is not one way to do it, just experiment!
  9. Hairspray your entire look, front to back and you are now finished! Now go out and rock it!1

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