Feelin’ Crafty: DIY Paper plate bowl

We’re always looking for new ways to turn everyday objects into cool crafts! Check out how a simple paper plate can turn into a small bowl that can be used to store office supplies, party favors, food and more!

We loved how one blogger used this craft to make cute 4th of july favors!

Start with scissors (one regular pair, one craft pair), paper plates, rubber bands and a pen.

Cut the edge of the paper plate off with your craft scissors

Make a little tic tac toe board on an extra plate you will not use. Scribble out every other line (as seen above). These are the only lines that you will be cutting. Use this plate as a guide as you cut the lines into another plate. 4 lines in total!

Here is what the plate will look like after you make your 4 cuts!

One at a time, fold the layers into one another. This works best in the palm of your hand. Have a rubber band ready!

Place the rubber band around the plate.

All finished! Enjoy!

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