Find Your Fit – Shorts + Capris

Our favorite part of dressing for spring are the unlimited options of shorts and capris available! Different lengths (also called inseams) make it easy for every girl to find the perfect pair for her! The only question? Where and how do I wear this short/capri/etc! Luckily we’re here with a full guide to spring and summer bottoms. Read on to find your new fave fit!



Shop shorts for junior and plus

Shop capris for junior and plus

Find your inseam!

2 ½” – Our shortest shorts! Perfect for the boardwalk, lounging by the pool or beach! These shorts look great when paired with a bikini or cute tank.

5” – Fingertip length shorts. Pair these with a pastel or neon top.

8” – These shorts fall to your mid-thigh. Pair with a top and wedges or sandals.

11” –  Bermuda length shorts. Pair these shorts with anything from a tank to a tunic.

16-17”- These capris fall right below the knee. Perfect for a night out, pair these capris with your fave wedges!

19” – These capris fall right at the top of the calf. Dressed up or down, these capris are perfect for any style.

21” – Cropped jeans fall to your mid calf, perfect for a casual weekend shopping trip or lunch date!

Skinny jeans – Slim to the ankle, these jeans look best paired with pumps or wedges! Dress them up or down- they’re incredibly versatile!

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