Fresh Ways to Wear Your Belt

Winter blues got you feelin’ down? Us too. We’re constantly trying to revamp┬ásome of our outfits this time of year, looking for new and stylish ways to wear different pieces together. If you’re not ready to splurge on some new clothes just yet, adding a belt is the easiest (and least expensive!) way to update your look! Read on for some stylish tips from some of our fave bloggers, then find a new belt for yourself here.


This skinny belt ties together this long flowy skirt.


Add a belt with a contrasting color over your skirt! We love the look of gold over this coral skirt.


This brown belt ties together a flannel button down and t shirt. Perfect weekend attire.


Tie a blazer together using a skinny belt.


This edgy belt completes this look perfectly.


This skinny orange adds a pop of color.


Adding a belt to a pair of colored shorts makes your outfit look much more stylish!

Now that you how to wear it, check out different ways to tie a skinny belt here.

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