Half Moon Nails Tutorial

 The holiday season may be over, but we’re not ready to give up the glitter! We’ve tried glitter tips before, so we decided to give these simple and chic half moon nails a try! This version is different then your typical half moon nails, so grab your polish and let’s get started!


1 solid color polish, 1 glitter polish, reinforcement holes, top coat

Step 1: Attach a reinforcement hole (like this) to your unpainted nail. Paint the top portion above the reinforcement hole the plain, non-glittery polish. Let dry.

Step 2: Remove the hole. You will notice a portion of your nail is without polish, which is where you’ll be painting in the gold glittery polish! Carefully stay in the lines and paint in the glitter polish. You may want to use a striping brush to complete this!

Step 3: Finish with top copy, and voila! You have a new sparkly mani that everyone will be dying to copy!


Simple + chic!

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