Homecoming Style – Accessorizing Your Dress

So you’ve found your perfect dress, congratulations! But… now how do you style it? There’s so much more than just the dress and shoes — once you start thinking about whether you need a necklace, earrings, rings, or a bracelet, it’s easy to get overwhelmed! Don’t stress, we’re here to help. Just find the neckline that most closely matches yours and style away!

 1. Strapless

There are two main types of strapless dress necklines — the intricately designed bodice or the plain design. While both dresses are similar, the styling can vary.


With a bodice that already has some sparkle or rhinestone details, you don’t want to overwhelm your look by also piling on a thick necklace. The delicate necklaces shown are simple enough that they won’t overwhelm the detailed neckline.

strapless 1

strapless 2

This strapless dress has a plain, sweetheart cut bodice. The simplicity of this dress is practically begging for a bold statement necklace or choker! The bigger, the better!


Statement necklaces are huge this year, so you should have no trouble finding one that matches your personal taste. Love ladylike? Add a pearl-studded choker. Is the rocker look more your style? Try a bold spiked necklace.

sweetheart 1

sweetheart 2

2. Straps

Dresses with straps can come in all types, thick straps, spaghetti straps or embellished straps. Whatever the style, a pendant style necklace looks perfect centered between the straps and draws the eye to your face. Add some small post earrings (larger than a simple stud) to finish off the look.

spaghetti strap

This pretty bow necklace is just one example of how to wear a pendant. A skull, sideways cross, or even a colorful gem all look great. This is where personal style and the color of your dress will really be important.

spaghetti strap 2

spaghetti strap 1


3. One Shoulder

One-shoulder dresses are so popular for homecoming, but it’s always a struggle about what necklace to wear. Sometimes the strap can be too thick, or embellished, and a necklace may not feel right.

one shoulder

So how do you fix this problem? A big cuff or stack of bracelets on the arm without the sleeve is the perfect solution to add some bling without overpowering the unique necklace. Adding some small stud earrings are a great way to bring attention to your face.

one shoulder 1

one shoulder 2

4. Halter

The straps for halter dresses can often be thick, or patterned, and sometimes a necklace has to fight for attention. The eye doesn’t know what to look at first!


To keep drawing the eye upward and to your pretty face, a pair of long dangling earrings are perfect. You can match a color to your dress or shoe, or go full-on sparkle.

halter 1

halter 2

5. Illusion/High Collar

Dresses with high collars always give off a classic Old Hollywood glamour. But do you layer a necklace on top of the collar, or under?


The solution? Forget the necklace all together and add a sparkly headband or clip. Your dress is unique enough, now add some bling up top. Add a big ring to complete the classic movie star look.

illusion 1

illusion 2

How are you going to accessorize your dress? Would you do anything differently?

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