How to Create the Perfect Arm Party

Looking to host the perfect arm party? Arm parties (a combination of different bracelets all on one wrist) have become a fashion staple and are a great way to show off your unique style! Read on to check out some of our favorite arm party snaps, then show us yours by tagging #debshops on Instagram!


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Stick with one metal color! This arm party stays with gold and adds in pops of bright color. -source




A bright arm party, perfect for summer.


Skulls and crosses are featured in this arm party.

A few arm party tips

- If your outfit is simple, go bold with your arm party! This will make your look standout and seem more unique.

- If you’re wearing several bracelets, it’s best to keep the rest of your jewelry at a minimum. Seek out simple charm bracelets and post earrings.

- Pull out colors from your outfit to include in your arm party! This ties together your look.

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