How to Layer Like a Celeb

Layering is not just for warmth! It creates a cute and cozy look, and allows you to have a little fun showing off your unique style. By adding on layers of sweaters, scarves and chic coats, you can easily build a look that’s stylish and perfect for chilly days! Read on to see how some of our fave celebs pile on the layers.

Selena breaks up her all black and white ensemble with a cheery red scarf. (source)

Over her form fitting LBD, Vanessa pulls on a faux fur coat, and wears long socks over her tights!  (source)

Always fashionable, Blake pairs her all black outfit with a printed scarf, bringing a pop of color to her outfit. (source)

Taylor’s winter-ready outfit consists of skinny jeans, oxford shoes, and a cute toggle coat. (source)

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