How to Solve Your Summer Hair Drama

Wouldn’t it be nice if every day was a good hair day? Don’t let summer hair get your hair down! We’ve compiled a list of quick fixes to your top 3 summer hair complaints. Ready for hair so pretty, every day will look like a shampoo commercial!  Check out our tips below and then submit your own in the comments section:


1.) Bangs– Don’t get your bangs in a bunch in this summer heat! Sweating can cause your cute fringe to get piece-y. Finish your style with flexible hairspray to keep your bangs in place. Bring along a pack of blotting papers to absorb oil that develops on your forehead throughout the day. By blotting occasionally, you prevent the oil from bringing your bangs down!

2.) Dry and Frizzy hair– Summer heat can leave your locks feeling thirsty!  Use your favorite hair mask once a week to quench your ‘do. Don’t have a favorite? Check out ours! It’s super easy and can be made with things found in your kitchen.  As a daily solution, apply an anti-frizz serum while your hair is still wet to keep it soft and luscious all day long.  You can find these in the hair products aisle of any drugstore.



3.) Greasy Hair–  Don’t let humidity weigh your hair down all summer long! You may think washing your hair daily is the answer, but it is actually doing more harm than good. By washing your hair every day, your scalp trains itself to overproduce oil to make up for the lack of it. Solve this problem by just rinsing your hair with water! Skipping the shampoo will help slow the production of oils. On days you want a quick fix, reach for the dry shampoo or baby power. By using one of these products at your roots and part, you’ll dry up much of the oil that gathers there on warmer days.


BONUS: Too hot to wear it down? Skip the simple ponytail and go for a unique braid! Try this side-swept French braid by our reader Clara. This braid will give you style and keep you cool all summer long.

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