How to wear a statement necklace

Statement necklaces are the perfect piece to dress up any outfit.  Great when paired with a casual dress, basic top, or chic blazer, these necklaces take an outfit from dull to eye-catching! When wearing a bold statement necklace, it’s best to pair it with more muted colors, so that the necklace becomes the star of the show! Shop all statement necklaces here.

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 Need more ways to wear ‘em? Read on!

Olivia pairs hers with a sophisticated blazer. (source)


Jennifer Hudson pairs this bold necklace with a simple top. (source)

Leighton keeps it classy in a simple black top and unique statement piece. (source)

Taylor in a vintage looking statement necklace. (source)


A statement necklace can be a perfect addition to a prom dress! Shop this necklace here.



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