How to Wear Chambray


Still haven’t tried chambray yet? 2013 is definitely the year to try this trend. Why do we love it so much? Chambray can be anything and everything you want it to be, depending on what you put with it and how you wear it! These tops are amazingly versatile, so you’ll get ton of bang for your buck. Mix them with skinny jeans, colored denim, dresses and skirts….the options are endless! Read on to see different ways you can wear your chambray, then shop all chambray here.

These fashion bloggers pair their chambray tops with everything from regular denim to lace skirts! (source)


Slip on a chambray top over your dress. Add a belt to cinch the waist! (source)


Use a chambray top in place of a blazer to switch up your look! (source)


These celebs love their chambray tops!


Fashion blogger Lynne Gabriel pairs a Deb Shops chambray top with a polka dot skirt! (source)



Pair a tie front chambray top with a floral tiered skirt to combine two of spring’s hottest trends!

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