How to wear coated denim

Coated denim is a fun way to switch up your usual bottoms routine. This denim looks a ton like leather, and helps elongate those fab legs of yours! Super easy to dress up and down, this lightweight denim can be worn with almost everything (which is good, because who only wants to wear a pair of jeans once!). Read on to find some new and fashionable ways to incorporate this denim into your wardrobe!

Looking for a cute and polished outfit? Try coated denim with a floral top! Feminine and trendy. Shop her outfit: Bottoms | Necklace | Shoes


Shop her outfit:  Bottoms | Shoes | Jewelry

Take a cue from these celebs who pair their coated denim a few different ways. (image source)


Whether you’re wearing these bottoms with a lace top or casual tee, they are clearly the stars of any outfit! (image source)


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