Mani Monday– Ombre Polka Dots

Dot up your Mani Monday with this fun and easy how-to by our fave nail art blogger, Wondrously Polished, created specially for our Deb girls! 

With Spring now here, I’m constantly looking for bright new designs that make me happy. Coral is one such color that never fails to brighten my mood (or make me look tan!) and when I spotted this adorable dress, I knew I had to do something like it for today’s tutorial! I’ve combined a few of my favorite techniques to create today’s look and love how it all came together.



1. Begin by painting your nails a light orange/coral color and let dry completely. I like to use a fast dry top coat at this point to speed things up.

2. Cut a makeup sponge into quarters (this makes it easier to work with) and dampen it slightly in water. Use your base polish and a darker orange/coral polish to paint stripes onto your makeup sponge. Letting the colors blend slightly will create a smoother gradient.


3. Carefully roll the makeup sponge over your nail with the dark polish towards the tip. Reapply polish to the sponge.

4. Repeat these steps until you reach an opacity that you like. Move the makeup sponge up and down vertically (towards your cuticle then towards the nail tip) to create a better blend in the two polishes.


5. Next, add a top coat. This will smooth out the gradient and make it look even more blended. Adding the top coat before your cleanup will ensure that you don’t accidentally remove the gradient you just worked hard to create in the next step.

6. Use a cotton swab dipped in acetone (regular nail polish remove doesn’t work as well) to clean up the excess polish on your skin.

**Gradients are fun to wear on their own, so this is a perfect stopping point if you’d like. Or, read on to see how I finished this look off.


7. With a light pink polish, use a dotting tool to add evenly spaced dots down the center of your nail.

8. Add two more rows of dots, this time with the dots shifted slightly down, so they land between each dot you previously created.


9. Add one final row of dots, shifting them again.

10. Finally, add your favorite top coat to protect your hard work, and enjoy!


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