Mani Monday– Rosy Posy


Spring is such an ethereal time where girly florals seem like a must in all areas. This week I was inspired by this adorable Deb blouse (in both colors!) and had a lot of fun creating a look to go along with it! Check out this how-to and then head to Wondrously Polished  for more must-copy manicures:


1. Start with a white base polish and let dry. Try using a fast dry top coat after this step.


2. With a peachy nude polish, paint half-circles to start your rose shape. Note – I chose to leave my ring finger as my accent nail so the roses are painted on the rest of my nails.

3. Going the opposite direction, paint another semi-circle. This will be the base of your rose. Don’t worry about these being perfect.


4 & 5. With a light pink polish, paint smaller and smaller semi-circles within the ones you created previously. Add as much detail as you’d like.


6. With a dark green polish, add in triangles of color to create the leaves. Try doing 1-2 leaves per rose.

7. If you’d like, use a light green polish to add an accent color to the leaves.


8. With a dotting tool and your initial peach color, add a column of connected dots down the center of your nail.

9. Add two more rows of dots on either side of your first column of dots. Finally, add your favorite top coat and enjoy! :)


Thanks for reading! –Lindsey of Wondrously Polished

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