Mani Monday– Tropical Print

wondrously-polished-deb-shops-palm-tree-sunset-nail-art 6

Are you as ready for summer as I am?? Today’s mani will be sure to get you in the mood for those awesome summer nights to come!

Shop the top that inspired this mani here, and then visit Wondrously Polished’s blog for more Mani Monday inspiration:



1. Paint your nails white and let dry.

2. Use some acetone to dilute a yellow polish and paint 2-3 wavy lines across the top of your nail. You can also use a jelly polish to achieve a similar look.


3. & 4. Repeat step 2 with a pink and blue shade. It’s up to use how much white polish you let show through your wavy lines.


5. Paint a thin black line along the tip of each nail.

6. Use a fine detail brush to paint several vertical lines on each nail.


7. Paint X’s at the end of each line.

8. Create the palm fronds by adding angled lines to each of the X’s. If you’re having trouble with black polish, try using some black acrylic paint. Add your favorite top coat and enjoy!

wondrously-polished-deb-shops-palm-tree-sunset-nail-art 2

Thanks for reading! Xo, Lindsey of Wondrously Polished

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