Nail Art DIY Polka Dot Party

Need a new fresh mani for this week? We’ve got a polka dot, half moon combo that will send you swooning! Ready? Let’s go!

Supplies: Deb Nail Polish, Top coat, reinforcement hole, straight pin, pencil

1. Paint your nail the base color of your choice. Let dry.

2. Place a reinforcement hole on the bottom of your dry nail, as seen above. Paint over the top area with another color (we chose gold!). Remove reinforcement hole. Looks a tiny bit messy when you remove the hole? No worries! Our polka dots will cover that right up.

3. Assemble your polka dot tool! Stick a straight pin into the pencil eraser.

4. Dip the end of the polka dot tool into another polish color. Follow the ‘half moon’ shape of the bottom half of your nail with your polka dots. Finish with top coat, and you’re set!

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