Prom Clutch Must-Haves

We know you can’t fit everything in your prom clutch, so here are a few items that might just save your night!


1. Phone case with built-in wallet: this way you don’t add extra bulk to your bag!

2. Bobbi pins: a total must. You never know when a hair might go astray! Tip: Use a hair tie to secure the bobby pins to the hairspray bottle so they’ll be easier to find.

3. Gum: obviously.

4. Perfume: head over to your local department store and snag a sample from the perfume counter of your choice. Much easier then trying to stuff the entire bottle in that tiny bag!

 5. Hairspray- We’re not talking about a HUGE bottle, just a tiny travel sized one! You can find these at your local drug or grocery store.

6. Oil remover sheets: shine be gone! These little sheets remove oil and leave your makeup perfectly in place.

 7. Lip gloss: for a quick touch up!

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