Red Carpet Roundup – 2013 Oscars

If you’re like us then you we’re watching the Oscars way before the show actually started, gushing over the gorgeous gowns on the red carpet! There were certain looks we’d love to steal (Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior dress!) and some we could have lived without (sorry, Anne Hathaway). Read on for our best dressed picks below, then sound off on who was your fave in the comments!

oscars-2013-amanda-seyfried-red-carpet__width_420 oscars-2013-jennifer-lawrence-red-carpet__width_420 oscars-2013-jennifer-hudson-red-carpet__width_420 oscars-2013-amy-adams-red-carpet__width_420 oscars-2013-zoe-saldana-red-carpet(2)__width_420 oscars-2013-adele-red-carpet__width_420 oscars-2013-nicole-kidman-keith-urban-red-carpet__width_420 oscars-2013-reese-witherspoon-red-carpet(2)__width_420 oscars-2013-halle-berry-red-carpet__width_420 oscars-2013-jessica-chastain-getty-red-carpet__width_420

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