Splatter nails!

Neon splatter nails are our new obsession!  It is time consuming, but we think the outcome is totally worth it! Follow our easy steps below, and you’ll be well on your way to getting a fab bright mani in no time.

Supplies: tape, a few bottles of deb nail polish, plate, coffee straws, top coat

1. Paint your nails a light base color. Let dry completely.

2. Tape off your nails like this:

This will allow the splattered paint to go on the tape, not your hand! Less cleanup is always best.

3. Now you’re ready to start the splattering process! Begin by dipping your straw into the first nail polish color of your choice. Over a plate, blow through the straw to create the splatter look on your nails. Be sure not to suck in; you wouldn’t want to swallow nail polish, would you?

4. Continue this process with as many colors as you wish, using a new straw each time. When you’re finished. use a top coat and voila! You have a mani that will outshine the sun!

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