The Arm Party Guide

It used to be enough to place a few bangles on and call it a day, but now it’s all about layering! Arm parties (wearing a bunch of different bracelets at once) are a fun way to show off your unique style. No two arm parties are ever the same and there are endless possibilities! From flirty and feminine to effortlessly edgy, we put together some guides that will help you create some amazing wrist-wear:

ways to wear arm candy

Mixed – Mix and match different colors, textures, etc! Perfect for more casual attire.

Feminine – Think soft hues like mint and coral! Little accents of hearts and rhinestones are definitely a go with this arm party.

Edgy – Spikes, studs and crosses!

Classic – Perfect if you’re looking for a subtle way to accessories. Mixing metals is ok, too! It adds a little contrast to your arm party.

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