Tie it in a bow!

We were drawn to this unique look when we saw it all over fashion bloggers and models alike. The best part? It’s really quite simple to complete! Ready to create this ultra-cute hair bow? Let’s get started:

1. Take two sections of your hair (as seen above) and use a hair tie to tie hair into a ponytail.

2. On the last pull through, do not pull the entire portion of your hair through the hair tie.

3. Separate the small bun you have made into two sections. Pin the sections down.

4. Take the rest of the ponytail and wrap it around the center of your bun. This will create the bun illusion! Secure the entire bow with bobby pins. Need a little help? Ask a friend to assist you with some of the trickier parts!

Will you try this trend? Let us know below!

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