Veronica’s Closet: Date Night

Veronica’s picks for this week are perfect for a date night! She says: “My perfect date outfit for a summer night would definitely be this peplum top, paired with a black bodycon skirt. These two pieces can give any girl a great silhouette!
To accessorize, I would stack up these plus gold bangles. I love these bangles because they slide on and off easily, and are hassle free! It’s such a relief to be able to wear a bracelet I can do this with, because I am constantly searching for bangles that fit me. It’s a hard buy for a plus girl! The bangles also bring out the hardware in the belt, so everything comes together beautifully!”

Shop this outfit:

Peplum Top   /   Skirt   /   Shoes   /  Plus Bangles

Want more Veronica? Check out her video featuring this peplum top here:


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