What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party

Skip the jerseys and sweats and get creative! No matter what side you’re choosing to rep this year, show your spirt by adding in bold colors and fun nail art! Whether you’re an avid football fan or just along for the fun, Super Bowl Sunday is perfect for creating sporty-chic looks! From lacy looks to laid back sweaters, we’ve got the outfits to help you score major fashion points.


Ravens or 49ers?
Shop this look: lace top | basic tank | jeans | necklaces | shoes

And for the girl who isn’t rooting for a specific team:


This laid back look is perfect for the occasion. Have fun with your socks, too!
Shop this look: top | jeans | socks | boots

Now on to some manicures we love:

Playoffs 1

For the Ravens fan

Epic 49ers nail art!


And if you’re not picking a side, this one is for you!

Go for a prettier pony, like these:



What will you be wearing Sunday? Let us know below!

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