what we would wear to prom today

For us, prom came and went a few years ago (tear), but this doesn’t stop us from swooning over the new dresses and accessories that constantly come into our office! We decided to make our own “what I’d wear to prom” inspiration broads, complete with our Prom photos from way back when! Enjoy.



Betsy’s style is very “rocker-chic”, so she paired this black and pink dress with fierce spiked heels, a chunky stone necklace, a rhinestone wristlet and topped it off with a pair of leopard sunnies.



Chelsea loves the look of this animal print dress, matched with rhinestone accessories and a sequined bag! She (wisely!) chose to pick out some socks to bring with her when her feet need a rest. Don’t forget the perfume!


Jen’s favorite thing about this dress? “It’s an update on a classic!”. She loves the cutout sides, and the rich color of this gown. She paired it with lots of rhinestone accessories, and shoes to match!


Jennifer is all about printed dresses, so she chose this one shoulder black and white animal print gown! She glammed it up with hoop earrings, a black and white bracelet, glittery heels and a sequined clutch.


Kim stuck with a similar color palette that she chose for her own prom! She paired this purple gown with rhinestone accessories and these gorgeous shoes. The lower heel is perfect for dancing all night long.


Caroline chose this pretty and printed high low dress, purple glitter pumps and picked a bunch of bracelets to stack up together. Her advice? “Load up on accessories, and don’t forget a ring!”.  She would bring along a vintage bag from her mom, and would stuff in hair spray, lip gloss, camera, mascara & mini eyelash curler, bobby pins; total clutch essentials!


Sunny loves the contrasting colors in this beaded pickup gown (not to mention the gorgeous detailing at the bottom!). She paired it with matching heels, rhinestone accessories and a statement ring!

Which of these looks do you love the most? Let us know below in the comment section.


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